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Default Re: Tron Legacy

I went to go see Tron Legacy for the 2nd time...

This time I saw it in the standard 2D format. I must say, I enjoyed the movie even more the second time around. The 2D format does not detract from the film (as I suspected), but it was nice to experience it in 3D the first time.

Knowing what came before it, how it was made, the strides that VFX (digital and otherwise) have made in the past 28 years, it's nice to see what that environment looks like with all the stops pulled out.

It may not have been what I expected, but it doesn't take anything away from what it is and how it's offered. I for one, will be quite happy to buy this on DVD when it comes out and watch it again....who knows, I might go see it again if it's still playing in another month!

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