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Question The Cabin Boy

Originally posted by michaelfaries

Agreed. Terry Carter was a definite favorite here, too. I'm really disappointed that Mr. Carter wasn't included in 2nd Season plans, had they happened. The addition of a "cabin boy" was a ridiculous idea. Colonel Tigh complimented Commander Adama extremely well.

So did the rest of the Galactica family... Methinks we witnessed a VERY special chemistry between characters which is all-too-rare.

And Terry still looked strong, able and capable in "The Second Coming" trailer. It's really too bad that saxophone player (who played next door during filming) had to wash out much of the dialogue between him and Richard's Commander Apollo. grumble...

Imagine that: It's been almost five years since Richard filmed the first footage of the trailer... and people are still talking about it.

This seems like a bigger insult to the fans than Galactica 1980. Probably Hop-Sing in space.
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