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Default Re: Leslie Stevens: The Unsung Hero of Battlestar Galactica by Justin Murphy

I've seen his name connected to so many of the shows I like, the first time I've seen his face.

Larson is like Roddenberry for hoarding the limelight for himself

Harlan Ellison once referred to him as "Glen Larceny" because of his notorious reputation for stealing ideas from films and other series.

Harlan Ellison I cared little for, TV and earlier Movies have always been "Inspired" by earlier ideas, hell, the transporter in Star Trek was seen in Buck Rogers 1939, though not beaming up, more across a city beaming
but if you take scripts bound to annoy someone. opps speaking of

According to "The Garner Files", the autobiography of James Garner, Garner once got into a physical altercation with Larson on the Universal lot. After Larson had copied a number of scripts from The Rockford Files (1974) and used them for his own shows, Garner's company complained to the The Writer's Guild who proceeded to fine Larson for plagiarism. However, this didn't deter Larson who then ripped-off the theme tune from The Rockford Files for one of his own shows.

When Larson approached Garner and asked him if there were any hard feelings, Garner claims that he punched Larson so hard that it knocked him right across a curb, into a motor home and out the other side (The Garner Files, p.129, ISBN 978-1-4516-4260-5.).

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