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It's not that difficult. To get the files to the computer for editing you can use a program called DVD Decrypter (free out there on the internet). This copies the video files (.vob files) to your drive.

At that point you can use a program called MPEG Video Wizard (I don't think is free), which is an editing program, to put the files together and edit away. You can then render an mpeg2 file back out when done and set it up to a DVD disk, using a DVD burnng/designing program. Most DVD burners have some way of doing this.

Myself I don't use the Video Wizard program as I like working with Adobe Premiere. For that I have to go through a few more timely hoops because Premiere won't directly read .vob files, so I have to convert them over to avi DV files. I prefer Premiere because of the numerous video/graphic layers that can come in handy. Plus I am very familiar with its interface.

If you do want, or have, to convert the vob to avi there is a program (also free on the internet) called DVD2AVI. This will re-render the vob files to avi files. There are some tricky things to getting this to work right so if you can stay on the MPEG Video Wizard course it would be muh easier. And less frustrating.

I will say that editing can be quite fun. Getting into an episode, seeing how it was edited, and how with the right cut, dissolve, music cue... you can do your own edits and have them look natural and un-noticable. Hopefully at least.
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