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Happy 4th of July for 2012. We got a break from the grind in Afghanistan. I had a good lunch, met Senator John McCain, took a nap, and wrote another article.

If you like it, please give it some lovin' with the Google +1 function or help spread the word with the other app buttons at the bottom. I've put a fair amount of work into the backbone of the site to make it seem a bit more appealing.

As usual, I welcome your comments.

As an aside, until recently when you searched "Russell Sanders", I didn't hit with any link to the site until page 15 of the Google Search. Now, one page is the 4th listing down. Given this is one subject that I can claim to be the expert, I'd like to try to take a more dominant position in the SEO. (If you search your own name you may be surprised at how far down you appear).

The article is called "What You Can Do in Five Minutes". I hope you all enjoy it.

Many thanks and all my best,

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