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Default Re: Russell Sanders 2011 Message to Mr. Andrew Fullen

I gave this some thought overnight and pondered some of the wise words written here.

I've realized Andrew is determined to wallow in his falsehoods because that's the fortress of comfort he's built for himself. Who am I to say he should act in a sane or rational manner? Who am I to say that he shouldn't act like a 14-year old? Trying to sway him was likely an act of arrogance on my part. I felt I was in such a position as he's spent such a focus on me and follows all I do on the Internet. Part of me hoped that meant he'd heed my words a bit more than some random guy simply telling him he was a crazed nutcase.

After a few days of thinking this over now and again, I recognize the ineffectiveness of my own efforts. Just as I've asked Andrew to look at his actions as an investment strategy, I have to do the same with my own. In dealing with Andrew and trying to get him to come around to a more reasonable stance, I've garnered a 100% failure rate. I'm not going to waste any more time or effort on the hope that interactions with him might improve.

I intend this to be the very last time I acknowledge Andrew in any way. It was wrong to consider him part of the Galactica fanbase as he's truly an element all on his own.

I leave him to his dementia and delusions.

My apologies to everyone else for this misstep.

All my best,

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