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Default Re: Russell Sanders 2011 Message to Mr. Andrew Fullen

I think I purchased his books - yes, books plural, since I bought "The Too Inquisitive Neighborhood Kids" and one of his political books with a title I don't remember - on, not Amazon, so they wouldn't register as sales over there. I've only bought ebooks, and I've never paid more than 5 bucks for them. I doubt anyone has ever bought a physical copy.

I was talking to some friends of mine the other day and mentioned Languatron, and someone asked who he was. "He's Jim's archenemy," one of my friends said, and we all chuckled heartily at that. How fun is it to have an archenemy, especially one that is terrified to ever bump into you in the real world?

Langy has seeped into my personal zeitgeist in all kinds of ways. There's even a character named Langy in my latest, unpublished novel. The fact that this strange, furious man I've never met has made such a dent in my life is hard to explain, and it probably says more about me than it does about him. I don't take delight in mocking him anymore - it's sort of like kicking a wounded puppy. For all his antisemitism/homophobia/whiteknuckled hatred of the human race, there's something refreshingly innocent about Lang, and I truly hope he can salvage some semblance of a life from what I'm sure is a miserable personal circumstance.

This is the closest we will ever get to actually communicating with him. I doubt he'll ever post on a forum that allows feedback from others, because maintaining that kind of anger requires isolation from people, information, and facts.
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