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Default Re: Russell Sanders 2011 Message to Mr. Andrew Fullen

This kind of makes me think of Nathan Proia... I remember the days when he was in charge of, but in recent years, seemed to go off the deep end and never wanted to come back. It was a sad thing to see, especially when I consider that the original and Nathan's newsletters were a vital link to between me and the original Battlestar Galactica.

I remember when I first joined CF and and I was exposed to the likes of our Andrew Fullen. Not a bad guy, but no matter how much you thought you could reason with him, he just wasn't to be reasoned with. He's just so "out there" doing his own thing in his own inimitable way. It is interesting that he's stayed connected with certain people...but from a great distance. I suspect that's how he wants in and what he's comfortable with. Some people feel safer being on the outside and looking in. When you're just the observer instead of a participant, there aren't any expectations or disappointments, so you can't feel hurt when things don't turn out as you would have them happen. You can't fail at something if you don't do it, or acknowledge that you want to do it...

When I first saw this thread, I thought that if our Mister Fullen is seeking attention, he's definitely getting it. It's been many years since those of us that have had a first hand experience of his presence, but now there are people that don't even know the name like someone's posed the question "Who's John Galt?" and all the mystery that goes with it. The only difference is that people that don't know him are now wondering who Andrew Fullen is and why so many long term members remember him the way we do.

It's like a big Christmas gift to someone starved for attention that we've given. Like it or not.

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