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Default Re: Russell Sanders 2011 Message to Mr. Andrew Fullen


I read your response. It was precisely what we all knew it would be.

If you ever opt to stop playing the fool, come back and reread this thread.

Until then, it won't help you as it was written for an adult, not an immature little brat. I know you want everyone to engage you in your childish games but I think its fair to say that at this point, everyone in fandom has tired of your antics and feels that its well beyond time that you grew the Hell up.

When you look in the mirror, do you see the reflection of someone who is any more than 14-years old? If so, you have a serious mismatch in maturity between your looks and your personality.

That should probably be your focus of attention rather than worrying about your next Internet dispute.

See you next year -- or next decade -- or whenever.

Filled with pity for you,

I respect French maids for their minds.
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