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Default Russell Sanders 2011 Message to Mr. Andrew Fullen


As I write this, we near the end of 2011 and mark more than a decade since the Tom DeSanto/Bryan Singer Galactica effort failed. Over this time, I've learned far more about you than I ever cared to know and you, by contrast, have aggressively followed every word I've written. For reasons that confound me, you've also made me a center-piece in your endless campaigns of hatred. Surprisingly, you seem to be under the impression that your angry words do some level of harm to me. As I've said, they don't. Nor, to the best of my knowledge, do your lies about others bother them. They only serve to illustrate your immaturity and unwillingness to act like a reasonable adult. You can proclaim otherwise but be assured that your writings and insults do not harm anyone other than yourself.

I repeat, I harbor no ill-will towards you Andrew, nor do I write anything with the intent of making you feel worse about yourself than you already do. As I said, I truly would like to hear that you've shaken off the problems that have mired you for so long and are on a path to a better life. I pity you, for the suffering and alienation you create all around you. I don't justify self-destructive behavior but I do find it unfortunate.

I used to wonder why you responded with such venom towards folks who tried to deal with you reasonably. The best answers are contained in the FBI's manual on hate groups, which states: "Hate masks personal insecurities. The more insecure a person feels, the larger the hate mask." A bit later it states: "Insecure people try to create a sense of self-worth by relegating a person or group of people to a lower status."

Later, in the psychological breakdown of "The Hate Model", your regular process is clearly identified. According to The Hate Model, those who engage in hateful activity driven by their own insecurities start with an act of aggression. If the target reacts in anything other than a submissive manner, the hater believes (wrongly) that the target has acted aggressively against them. They then feel they are on the defensive and must retaliate, even though the hater was the initial instigator.

The FBI manual provides the illustration with an example detailing a case where a skinhead, with a swastika tattooed on his cheek, walked into a jewelry store to buy a ring for his girlfriend. The skinhead became incensed when the Jewish clerk treated him poorly. The skinhead later commented that if Jews treated him with more respect he would not hate them so much. The skinhead clearly saw himself as a victim, although he openly displayed a provocative symbol of hate on his face.

Does this pattern sound at all familiar to you? If not, it should.

Equally important to this style of hater is that the insecure person feels a strong need to enlist others to join in their hatred. The manual states: "They feel compelled, almost driven, to entreat others to hate as they do. Peer validation bolsters a sense of self-worth and, at the same time, prevents introspection, which reveals the personal insecurities the hater is desperate to avoid."

It goes on to explain that irrational haters go to extraordinary lengths to try to justify their causes when their own personal shortfalls are very intense.

Does that sound familiar? It may not, but it also should, especially for a man who has written several books trying to convince others there is a vast conspiracy by Universal Studios against anything and everything and then created fabricated accounts on Amazon to try to convince others that his outlandish claims somehow have some sort of validity. Further, you've used your faked accounts to provide confirming testimony that the insanity of your books is somehow based on some sort of truth, even though everyone (and I do mean everyone) knows they're only your fabrications.

Personally, I'd call your actions "extraordinary lengths".

In your case, the hatred is at least two-fold as you hold the same irrational hatreds against all Republicans. I'll not argue with your political beliefs. I mention this simply to illustrate that in this arena, you've also shown the exact same pattern and the same out of control perspective.

Although you've displayed you disproportionate responses before, of key note is your "sincere wish" that Stallion die an uncomfortable death through serious health issues. You sincerely wished he would suffer tragic medical conditions because of your perception that he didn't dislike a television series (GINO) as much as you thought he should. That's a level of unrestrained hatred that most would find quite bothersome no matter what the cause. When its married to preferences over a television series, its very troublesome. For you, it should have been a strong indicator that some things were horribly wrong with your thinking and approach. It may be worthwhile to ask yourself why you weren't shocked and ashamed by your own behavior because every single normal person on the planet would have been. Harboring that level of hate towards anything is worrying, especially when sparked by a mere media production.

Again, I think most would call your declarations going to "extraordinary lengths".

I wonder when you are going to admit to yourself that your Universal Studios conspiracy theory is beyond laughable. You can spend another ten years making senseless declarations about stealth marketers and claiming that those you don't like are somehow involved in a grand scheme against a television series but let's be honest, -- its nothing more than your mechanism to rationalize your own uncomfortable feelings not address the real issues in your life. If you think the rest of us don't see this, its screamingly obvious.

As we come to the end of the decade year, its probably worthy to look at your track record. How many books have you authored that have no role other than to declare the things you hate? What purpose do they serve other than to exactly fulfill "The Hate Model" that the FBI uses to understand the irrational acts of Skinhead groups? What purpose has all of your Internet postings had other than to isolate you from all the things you fear? Do you sincerely think there is a single person other than yourself that regards the words you write with anything other than mockery?

To repeat, if you think you're somehow harming everyone with your outrageous claims, you're not. Nobody fears that you might write negatively about them. They laugh at you when you do it. If you think otherwise, you're misguiding yourself badly. Increasing your hate and venom doesn't make your targets more vulnerable. It only makes you appear more juvenile and more ridiculous.

As I believe knowledge is the first step, let me add to the above with the following, clear declarations. Deep down, you know these are true. Its well beyond time you ended your pathetic charade and came back towards reality.

1. There is no "conspiracy against Battlestar Galactica" by Universal Studios or anyone else. The studio executives made some poor decisions as to the best direction to take the property. These execs aren't "at war" with anyone. They are simply trying to make a profit in the manner they think best. I disagree with their decisions, as do you, but the execs aren't making their choices with the intent of smearing anyone. To continue to believe otherwise is sheer folly.

2. Russell Sanders and Stallion Cornell are nothing more than fans who liked the original Galactica and disliked GINO. We do not carry these preferences to the point of allowing them to become barriers between ourselves and others who feel differently. To do so would be unhealthy and would rob us of some good relationships that we value. Your repeated insistence that I and Stallion are "stealth marketers" only makes you look more and more foolish. Nobody on Colonial Fleets are has any intent other than to be a mere fan and act in that capacity.

3. Nobody -- and I repeat NOBODY -- is engaged in "stealth marketing" for GINO. A few paid folks were but that effort is completed. The series is over and done with. Caprica also has passed into history. There is no stealth marketing for Blood and Chrome as there is no marketing being done whatsoever. The studio and network can't decide how and why they might show the thing. If there is stealth marketing related to Bryan Singer, it certainly isn't taking place on Fleets, which has shown an increasingly negative view of Singer's effort. The only entity engaged in any stealth marketing is you. You have authored all of the positive reviews of your own books under faked Amazon accounts. At best, this undermines your "outrage" that others have performed stealth marketing when you engage heavily in it yourself.

4. The DVD set for the original Galactica series wasn't intentionally issued as a poor product. It was simply be the best product the distributor could create with the time and resources they had available.

5. Ron Moore didn't engage in any sinister plot. He intentionally varied his series from the basis and themes of the original but he did so with the sole intent of enhancing his own career. His concern was making his own personal mark in television not engaging in some larger conspiracy supervised by Universal Studios. Further, he never asked me to do anything to promote his series, nor did he asked the same of anyone I know. In my case, he was disturbed by my overwhelmingly negative responses, something you intentionally ignore in your fantasy that I have tried to promote the GINO franchise. Further, he never attempted to sway my opinions one way or another, even when they bothered him. Your claims are wholly false and you know this, but I understand that according to "The Hate Model", you need to maintain these lies or your entire house of cards falls. (But really, isn't the fact that you have to maintain your illusions with what you know are lies the real point? Again, if you think you're convincing someone else that your lies are true you aren't. You're simply shouting "Andrew Fullen is an idiot" to everyone that reads them.)

6. Bonnie Hammer isn't engaged in any conspiracy to destroy science fiction or trash the reputation of Battlestar Galactica. She didn't understand the basic content of the network she ran and was focused on recruiting a female audience. I believe she made poor decisions but poor decisions do not equate to outright malice. Again, the only one showing outright malice has been you.

7. You are only harming yourself! You should read this point over and over. You are only harming yourself. I understand you have a lot of personal issues that you are trying to avoid but your conduct isn't making your personal situation any better. For more than a decade you've been immobile, frozen in a circle of hatred, while all the rest of us have moved onward. By Stallion's accounting, you are living with your mother, spending the majority of your time weaving hate conspiracies against Universal Studios and Republicans, and going absolutely nowhere either with the basic advancement of your life or your own personal development. You are entrapped proclaiming you're a victim and target by people who don't know you exist. Universal isn't worried about you because they could give a damn what you write. You're one of several million outrageous voices on the Internet. In your case, your rants are so over the top that even those who would support your basic views find you poisonous. After more than a decade of effort, you've had absolutely zero effect against any of the causes you are trying to campaign against but you've caused yourself a lot of strife and I suspect, a fair amount of emotional harm. It confounds me that you won't change your ways and shift towards a path that is more constructive and better for your own well-being. Based on your responses in the past, I suspect you feel that changing your approach is letting your enemies win but in truth, there is no enemy you are confronting. You are all alone and the only enemy you need fear is your own self-destructive conduct.

And that is why I bother to write any of this. I call on you look at the past decade with an honest review as if you were evaluating an investment strategy. Think of it as if you were judging the payoff for real money you invested. In this case, the price is actually higher as its years of your life you can't recover.

With this in mind, look at the poor results you have garnered. You've ruined your reputation among those you have wished to have dialog with. You've embraced anger and hatred so completely that they are now your only companions. You've driven yourself to seek revenge against people who never wished you any harm and you've attempted to slander others for the singular purpose of hiding your own insecurities. None of this has enhanced your life in any way. It has completely failed for more than ten years. I'm amazed that you think somehow the result may change if you keep doing the exact same thing with ever-increasing passion. (I'm not totally amazed because as I noted, it is in line with "The Hate Model").

Concurrently, if only for the point of a mental exercise, think about all the things that you might have achieved had you directed your energy differently. You've expended a lot of effort over the past ten years. If you'd have written a serious chronicle about Battlestar Galactica, spending your time on doing actual research rather than attempting to support your emotional outbursts, you would likely have been able to claim authorship of a successful book that people would actually want to read. You could have become a master of media or graphics or earned a college degree in any field you chose. You could have learned modeling or painting or sculpture. You could have learned woodworking or auto repair. The range of your lost opportunities are nearly endless.

Instead, you've spent more than ten years screaming about all the people you hate -- people you don't know and have never actually spoken to. In truth, you aren't fighting real people but the images in your own mind. I'm not sure you realize that or recognize that combating those images is something that has eaten away at you without having any ill-effects on your targets. Stallion isn't any worse off because Andrew Fullen hates him. I certainly haven't felt any harm from your childishness. I really wonder how long it will be before you finally open your eyes and realize that. We aren't high school kids. Just because you operate on that level of immaturity doesn't mean the rest of us do. Until you understand that, I doubt you'll ever find anything that you'll find satisfying.

Most people want far better for themselves. It amazes me that you don't. Truthfully, how old are you? When are you going to attempt to act like it? I don't say this to be harsh or mean but to ask you an honest question in the hope that you'll someday think about how foolishly you've been acting.

I've no doubt you'll initially respond to this with another series of rants intended to be more hateful than anything we've read before. Hopefully, when you recognize how useless those reactions are, you'll reread this again and then take a very long, very hard look in the mirror. We all know that self-assessment is long, long overdue for you.

I hope that despite your track record, ultimately you'll make the right decision. Trying to make others responsible for your own insecurities isn't the solution to your problems. Your masks of aggression only fool yourself. They don't make you sound tough and confident, just wildly off-balanced. They make you easy to mock and encourage the rest of us to laugh at you but in the end, I know they don't serve you well and I doubt our reactions to you have been helpful either.

All my best,

I respect French maids for their minds.

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