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Default Virtual Season Update

This section has not been updated in a long while but I wanted to take note of the fact that the series has continued in the yahrens since the last story posted here and has now reached Season 5, Episode 1 in terms of posting at the original Galactica fanfic site.

The total number of stories posted

Season 2-17 episodes

Season 3-17 episodes

Season 4-19 episodes

So this means that since 2004 when we first started, we have managed to churn out a continuum of 54 stories with contributions from seven authors. And we have managed to amazingly hold the overall continuity together and keep it on course for many more stories to come.

My own contributions to this effort were more in the beginning and then I fell away from the project for a number of yahrens but last year I returned to it and I've learned to discover all over again that the greatest therapy for the fact that we never had a true continuation/reunion or some worthwhile novels and comic books, is to let our own creativity come forth in the written word.

Logistically it's probably not feasible to get these stories up here as well, but the original fanfic site I think will continue to offer a good home for the new ones and the site is also worth checking out for the nearly 25 years worth of stories and crossovers contributed by so many other people.
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