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Default Re: Baltar's treason?

Baltar is the sort of personality that never has enough. Yes, he had power, but he wanted more. Like a Stalin, the only thing he feared, with all his power, was losing that power. If the Cylons won, and the gist seems that the Colonies were slowly being ground down by enemy, then Baltar would be just one more piece of pulsar fodder. As a man driven to survive, regardless of the cost to others, he felt the only way to stay alive, and on top, was to go over to the enemy. Unfortunately, consumed as he was with himself, he was unable to see that the enemy was just as given to lying as he was, and the Imperious Leader was no more intending to keep his word, than Baltar would have, had their positions been reversed.
Baltar wanted to survive, and lose none of the power and wealth to which he was accustomed. That's my two cubits worth.
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