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Default Re: "The Ultimate Retcon"

I admit I probably wouldn't write as harsh a post as I did in the comments section today as I did then for Pt. 1 because a couple things since then have helped me put lingering anger over what Moore did behind me. (1) The fine "Saga Of A Fugitive Fleet" audio drama that came out a few months ago gave us something in part that we'd always wished for which was to hear surviving cast members act the roles again even if they couldn't use the names and (2) I actually forced myself to watch the "essential" episodes of Moore for the first time in years and this time instead of feeling trembling anger, found it was easier just to laugh at how stupid and one-note everything he did was. Essentially the whole drama came down to the dumb philosophy of "all this has happened before" etc. and "which one is the Cylon?" So now I can look down on it with disdain instead of fury.
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