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Default Jamie Bamber and foxholes

I just rewatched Band Of Brothers and paid particular attention to Jamie Bamber to see if he can act.

The jury is out on his performance in BOB. It was a very minor role. So you can't tell. The one thing I will say is that the casting on that miniseries was superb. So at the very least he performed in a company of fine actors.

Oddly enough about his role as Sgt Foley, he was the leader of a platoon that was known for taking a dump in the foxholes that were created by the main characters of Band Of Brothers, Easy Company. Easy Company would dig their foxholes for cover. Then move out and 1st platoon would temporarily take their position and use the shelter EZ had built. But then when EZ returned to their nice foxholes, it had "felgercarb" in them.

Later it came time to take a german held town. The hero of the show, Col Winters told him what he needed to do to succeed. Go in fast. Keep moving. Move before they can pin you down with heavy fire. All the unit commander, Lt Dike, needed to do was follow Winter's plan.

But when it came time for battle Dike freaked out. He got stupid. He ordered Bamber back and forth across the same open area under fire to report to him. And Bamber did it cause he was told to.

Then Dike ordered Bamber to lead his small group of men to flank the town and attack it's rear. Bamber whined he didn't have enough men (true) but led his men anyways on this suicide mission. it was a slaughter.

They failed.

But then Winters sent in someone smart to gather EZ company and lead them to victory!

EZ Company soldier(sarcastically): "Thanks for crapping in our foxholes!"

Bamber: "Hey! Its our pleasure!"

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