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On the subject of more personnel:

I can't imagine that ALL the military personnel would be aboard the Galactica at the same time as its been shown that not all personnel are on duty at all times. I know it's a "wit of the staircase" situation, but Tigh could have recalled all fleet-bound personnel (especially all those layabout warriors who hang out over on board the Rising Star all the time) via the Canaris shuttle. You gotta figure, if the battlestar goes, the fleet is doomed. No point in trying to spare military lives. The battlestar IS life. In the end, it was a goofy plot idea anyway. And the mushies idea was a better solution. Except for the fact that when Tigh sets the tray of mushies in the vent, the airflow is coming into the BRIDGE instead of into the vent!

On the subject of burning metal: Okay, I agree...metal burns. But if there's nothing in the hallway but metal and the hallway is burning, then the minimum temperature in the hallway must be the ignition point of metal (whatever metal a battlestar is made from) Those poor fellas fighting that fire wouldn't have a chance against against a fire at (assumption) 1500 degrees. Just being in that close proximity to that large a fire buring that hot would have pretty much vaporized them even in the fire gear... especially when they breathed in the superheated oxygen deficient air (no breathers worn just plastic face sheilds). I have a good friend who's a retired firefighter (Blomington area of Chicago for a bazillion years)... I'll ask him about it all. He'll have a singular perspective about it (plus he's a Galactica fan). I'll let you know what he says.

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