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All of your points I think are perfectly valid as to why the episode doesn't hold up to much internal scrutiny, and why it needed some major revision (especially the matter of the ducts and the fact that after the hull was breeched, Boomer and company would have been surrounded by open hull areas exposed to vacuum, and thus they could not possibly be rescued until the breeches were temporarily sealed).

On this matter though:

"Tigh says that they have no extra people to do the task. Except that there are 220 ships full of people just sitting out there waiting for the Galactica to explode. The scriptwriters forgot about the teeming humanity of the fleet."

I don't think this is a blooper because yes, there are many others out there in the Fleet, but with only one operational landing bay, there would not be time or facilities to handle a major influx from other ships, especially if there were also difficulties with the Galactica communicating with other ships to coordinate such activities. From a prudent standpoint, Tigh would have ordered the other 220 ships to get as far away from the Galactica as possible to avoid getting destroyed if the battlestar exploded.
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