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Default Re: Westy's Blueprints

I dont know if I still have that or not.
I think his arrangement mostly works. I'm not clear if he has the launch tubes elevated to the right height (something like 15m above the landing deck surface,IIRC).
His elevators going down to the launching bays dont match with the show set.
What I did was have the warrior tube run fore-aft like he does, but I put one tram station near each bank of tubes (4) and then had an individual elevator descending down to each launching bay (16 of them per side).
I also came to the conclusion that the launch tubes have to be short like his. Same basic length and positioning.

Ive been so busy for the last 2 years with school, work, family and moving that I havent had much time to finish what I started. We were on a roll at one point getting quite a bit mapped out and some of it modeled. I hope to get back to that.
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