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Default Re: need help, Bridge reference photos

Have you tried It's the website archive, maybe they might have the pics you were looking for. I've found dead websites from the early 90's.


Originally Posted by Punisher454 View Post
It looks like a lot of pictures are unavailable now that some of the galactica websites have died. I used to try and save as many images as I could find. but I have lost those as well with my own hard drive crashes in the past.
Somewhere I even have some family pictures from the universal studio tour around 1979-1980. All taken with a nice cannon 35mm in great quality. A couple shots are me and my brother with a Cylon centurion and I believe Herb Jefferies in his Boomer costume. I was like 9 years old. I told my mom to get me the negatives a while back, hope she finds them.

But for the Bridge, right now it looks like screen caps are the best reference. the blueprints were usefull for the overall shape and dimensions, but thats about all. Other than the pilots console no real details like I am looking for.
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