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Hello all,

Elsewhere I have found I may have presented some parts of this unclearly and offensively. I deeply apologize for this, and wish to add my reply from CA here to hopefully assuage misunderstanding...

I apologize if I stated this perception ambiguously. I did not mean in any way, shape or form that Jesus was crazy. Much to the contrary! I myself believe in Him heart and soul, and that the Love He showed is unequalled, something to be aspired to by each and every one of us. What I propose is that medical science /today/ judges this kind of unrequited love as "obsessive and unhealthy". I use Jesus as an example to try and show that this contemporary adjudication is so totally myopic. Every day I hear that if you love someone perpetuously in spite of the fact that they will never love you back, that you are "obsessive" and ill. Each and every day.

The use of Him as an example is what I hoped would reach the hearts of those who cannot find theirs.

Thank you for your kind thoughts, and I deeply apologize for the misunderstanding.

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