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Default The Measure of Measure

One thought please: I hope you will forgive this musing if I express things contrary to your beliefs. What is herein is perception, a term I use for more than sight yet less than certainty. Please accept my apology if you find my heart at odds with yours.

Life is a paradox of opposites. Its façades pervade our very lives with definitions that are the antonym of their reality. We fashion words identical in form and contrary in thought. In music, which I dearly love, there is a word, refrain. In point of fact, it means, “repeat”. An area of harmonious seeds with stalks on criminal-line-up staves we wish to hear again. Incomprehensibly, refrain in life means “do not do at all”. We cannot blame Nature for this absurdity; words are the nascence of invention.

Our propensity for antonymity is unrelenting. We esteem the “net worth” of an individual, not by his heart, but by his accumulation of worthless yellow rocks and the enormity of objects fashioned from rocks he surrounds himself with. We call fear respect, and envy, love. And love, the hallmark of altruism, is esteemed to be aberrational when given without receipt. A person who loves beyond love’s return, undying and unconditional, is not selfless and longsuffering, but obsessive. By this measure Jesus was mentally ill; for He loved those who not only did not return that love, but hated Him. And if He was no deity, He gave His life in an act we meet with Thorazine and indefinite confinement today. The hundreds of millions that cherish this incredible act of love, lack judgment and perception of veracity, so medical science says.

We say men are innocent until proven guilty, then incarcerate them till they can prove they are not. Christianity and Capitalism live side by side, while one says the love of money is the root of all evil, and the latter, its acquisition an axiological measure of respect. We etch “In God we trust” on every coin we fashion, yet tell our children in school they must accept evolution as “fact”, and forbid any expression of belief in God there. We tell the accused “you have the freedom of speech” then in the Miranda Warning “anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law”. Why do we do the opposite of what we say? How can we eschew the fallacious and admire the profession of contrived deceit?

No MRI or ultrasound can see a broken heart, no surgeon mend one. Love of self is not a virtue, near every faith and philosophy says love of others, not self, is the attainment of the highest ideal. No man or woman should greet another’s love of something we are indifferent to with derision and condescension. And what is most dear to me to say, you cannot sublimate a life’s dream or subrogate love of one thing for love of another, love of one unique life for love of some arbitrary else. I love the things I love without expectation of return. My heart is not an inanimate thing you can classify and catalog by species, order and phylum. For average does not bode correct nor normalcy perfection, in spite of inundation to the contrary.

So if I dream of characters I adore, elements I identify, themes I embrace, how can one say hoping for something that might never be is wrong? I cannot supplant my love of one thing for another, or let a contemporary façade be substitute for 25 years of sanguine importunity.

Love is not love if it expects reciprocity. Faith is not faith if its basis can be proved. The harbinger that you have these two, is the lack of justification for having them. That is the one antinomy whose measure is sagacity, not of the mind, but of the heart.

Affectionately and respectfully,


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