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Default Re: What order are the Richard Hatch books to be read?

Originally Posted by Eric Paddon View Post
I noticed those high prices for the latter ones. That's a testament I think more to how interest really had slackened off by the time they were coming out because those of us who'd given up on Richard's books had checked out sooner. I was able to find good hardback editions of the first three this past week but I doubt I'll be able to get further. Of late, having also reacquired a set of the original paperback novelizations, my blood is more "up" about wanting all these incarnations represented (probably owing to the fact that my fanfic output after ten years of dormancy has seen me do five stories in the last three months!).
I think by the time that Destiny and Redemption were released, there was a larger release date gap between the novels (the first 2-3 were about a year apart or so) and also lesser numbers of the last two were issued. If you can find either, especially Redemption, in hardcover for under $50 in new or near-new condition, you MUST buy it. Probably won't find a better deal. Redemption generally sells for $90 and up on amazon when it is available. One thing that bothered me about Richard's series (and I know that this is just being picky) is that the series was not published by the same company, so the first two books are smaller in size compared to the rest of the novels and kind of looked weird all next to each other on the bookshelf.

The original series of paperbacks by Glen Larson (and second author) are generally much easier and cheaper to find. I found issues #4 - #8 at a local Half Price bookstore last year for $3 each. They pop up from time-to-time. The best ones to look for are books #12, 13, and 14, as they are original stories and not based upon adapted teleplays. They'll cost you more, though, too.
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