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Default Re: What order are the Richard Hatch books to be read?

Originally Posted by Eric Paddon View Post
I'm told Hatch got some blowback re: Rigel (amazing since he talked about having a crush on Sarah Rush!) and fixed that in subsequent novels.
Well, at least he fixed that.

The Saga novelization wasn't changes so much as the fact that they were going from an earlier draft of the script where Boxey was an orphan found by Serina and other things (the Cylons still being reptiles etc.)
Makes sense

Of course this is why fanfic authors typically know how to get it right.
Very true. Though they are the reason the word "fanwank" was invented. haha

As a bit of trivia, very soon after Battlestar Galactica, Sarah Rush appeared in the Christian movie Years of the Beast. She cut her hair, but not much. Still fairly long. haha
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