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Default how to compile a listing

Dear Julie and everybody else,
There are probably several ways to research what's coming up on TV, but this is the way I do it. It took me awhile to compile all this information but now I can go through all the schedules very quickly. It involves a bit of cross-referencing.
I start with and found an actor's name and then printed out his/her listings of all the TV shows and movies he/she had been in. Then I go to the Internet and look up the various channel websites and look at their schedules. What's nice is that an actor's imdb listing includes the title of the episode and so do the various channel listings.
To get you started, here is a list you can print out of all of the cable channels that I know about (these aren't the basic networks or the premium channels):
Go to this week, then select a date

ABC Family
then go to listings

then go to AMC guide


Cartoon Network
then go to TV schedule or TV shows

Court TV

go to loading schedule



Lifetime Movie Network
then go to TV schedule

Nick at Nite


Pax TV

Sci Fi




Go to view/print month



TV Land
go to select a show

USA Network


Go to primetime, then select a day

So now that you know the movies and TV episodes a person's been in, you just have to look at the schedule to see when they will be airing.
As for the regular networks and the premium cable channels, I just look through the TV schedule when it comes in the Saturday or Sunday newspaper (TV Guide works too).
I know that there's a website called zap2it, which I haven't looked at. But that just lists starring roles in movies or TV series, not bit parts or one-time guest appearances.
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