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Chill out KR.

It is best to leave the personal politics on the subliminal level.

G2003 has plenty of accurate news about the RDM production.

I imagine that if you went back in history, there are some things reported there that did not pan out.

And, the speculations of the continuationist crowd have not always been accurate either.

You have had to present these new items as "rumor" for good and obvious reasons.
Time will reveal the truth, no reason to get defensive about it.

Even if your reports are wrong, I will not be pointing back saying "look at what this guy said, man was he way off!" as that serves no useful purpose.

Now, a few well known members of the community that have real access to DB and RH have made some comments that conflict with your news from your source.
None of us are going to abandon trust in these people because of a rumor.
May've been the losing side. I'm still not convinved it was the wrong one.
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