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Default Re: 'Fire In Space' script by Michael Sloan

Yes. I found every script that was available on-line plus I purchased all those that are available at a website that has them in pdf format.

For the regular series these are the only ones I lack:

The Lost Warrior
Living Legend, Pt.1
Man With Nine Lives
Baltar's Escape

Keep in mind there are probably some earlier script drafts of episodes like GOIPZ that have the scenes with Imperious Leader instead of Baltar that were later rewritten. The version I have is the final draft and notes that the first draft was March 1978 but there were revisions all the way up through September (the time when the Baltar/Lucifer scenes were rewritten to fix the chronology as well as the scene of Starbuck reprogramming the computer, which references the new female pilots from LPOTG).
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