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IIRC, the only episodes where the Galactica lost substantial numbers of Vipers was "The Gun on Ice Planet Zero" and "The Living Legend". And of course, assuming that Pegasus was at close to full strength (say 100 Vipers at the beginning of the episode) and only about 25 or so of the Pegasus Vipers destroyed, they alone would restore the Galactica to "near" full strength.

The 67 Vipers recovered immediately after Cimtar were of course the 25 Galactica Vipers and 42 launched from other battlestars. I assume the other battlestars were only able to launch token numbers of fighters each before suffering damage that prevented them from doing so.

Adama told Tigh in the pilot episode "A couple of Cylon bombs in this bay and we wouldn't be able to get a single fighter off".

So one can assume that the landing/launch bays are an early target and the Cylons do make a point of targeting them. This is born out by the fact in that at least 3 episodes the Cylons quickly damage the Galacticas bays.

Given that the Colonials managed to salvage 220 starships from the Colonies capable of carrying large numbers of passengers on an interstellar voyage, it isn't that great a leap to believe that a couple of dozen Vipers from various land bases might've made it to Galactica as well.
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