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Originally Posted by Dayton3

Also for those mentioning Adamas question and Tighs answer "Have any of the other Battlestars gotten any fighters off? & "No sir" must point out that this is very early in the battle. Chances are that a handfull of fighters were eventually launched by other battlestars.


Finally for those of you who suggest that 140 or so fighters per battlestar would be too many fighters at Cimtar for the Colonial fleet to be overwhelmed by 1,000 Cylon fighters I must point this out.

Assume all 140 Galactica fighters were launched. Assume the remainder of the battlestars combined managed to launch a similar number.

The Colonial forces in fighter strength would've still been outnumber FOUR TO ONE.

Good points, except for the above.

Over Caprica, we have the Tigh-Omega dialogue behind Rigel, indicating recovery of 42 Vipers that were not from the Galactica; although they could possibly be from planetary defense sqdrns, the implication is clearly that they are from the Fleet at Cimtar.

Also, check your figures: with 10 Battlestars running 140 Vipers each at full strenth, that's 1400 Vipers at Cimtar. Assuming that the other nine battlestars launched no more than half their Vipers, that's still 770 Vipers; even knocking it down to 500, you still have only a 2-to-1 advantage.

On Viper pilot skill, I'm basing their relative skill levels on their numbers in "HoG": if a baseship carries 300 Raiders, and the Gal pilots are outnumbered "2-to-1" (according to Tigh), there are obviously c.150 Vipers on the Gal -- allowing for pickups from planetary sqdrns and Silver Spar, I don't see the Gal losing that many Vipers over the course of Season 1.
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