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Originally Posted by Damocles
Normal operations of a military unit during peacetime assumes at least 1% attrition over a deployment cycle.


One of the BETTER carriers.

Check the accident history.

Then consider the Abe as a battlestar.

As always;
Certainly....I was simplifying it for those those who might not have heard the DLS...

Having a certain amount of spare frames and pilots is a good idea for any smallcraft-launching vessel...the question, though, is: What is a battlestar's Strike Package at full strength?

At my low end, I said 64; however, I'm more than happy to modify that to 96-100, as I'm pretty sure they have the space available. The place I have trouble is when people start attributing 200-300 Vipers per battlestar, for the reasons listed above.

I could conceivably fill any additional space with, say, 10% more Vipers, and a total maximum shuttle count of 20-25/battlestar, but no more -- they're running out of room for spares, fuel and maintenance by then.

Also, note that the 96-100 Vipers/14-25 shuttles might include a specialized sqdrn of EW/Ground Attack/SpecFor craft.
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