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Griff: no problem! Things can get snitty at times, but this is nice.

As to your observations:

I always maintained that Viper sqdrns were 32 Vipers, organized into two flights of 16 ships, each of four 4-Viper elements; that meshes directly into a Battlestar's lauch profile of 32 launch tubes split between two flight pods.

With one complete sqdrn on the launch rails, I think that there is room for no more than four sqdrn's at an absolute maximum; three sqdrn's would equal 96 Vipers, and still allow room for 10-14 shuttlecraft(w/o transporters, they'll need that many admin-craft, if not more).

In re the recovery operations over Caprica in the aftermath of the Cimtar ambush, the dialogue runs something close to:

Tigh: "What's the count?"

Omega: "67 fighters, Sir...25 of our own..."

That indicates to me a loss-rate of c.75% of the Gal's Vipers, assuming she was at 100% or close to it.

In rewatching the series, I don't see a staggering number of Vipers lost in combat after 'Saga', so I'm thinking that between pick-ups from surviving battlestars and planetary defense sqdrns, and the addition of the bulk of Silver Spar Squadron at the end of "LL", the Gal is up to c.3 sqdrns: Blue, Red and Silver Spar.

Given the Foundry, Mining and Electronics(the Celestra) ships, unless they meet massive opposition/accident, the Gal should be in Vipers for a long time to come.

Did I miss anything?
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