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Mind if I add this.

1) In "Living Legend" Adama refers to the three baseship Cylon force as the largest Cylon force he has seen since the destruction of Caprica.

The then tells Cain "they didn't use much more than three baseships when they wiped out our entire fleet at Caprica"

2) In "The Hand of God", Tigh briefs the Colonial Warriors on the Baseships fighter strength of 300 ships. He says "you'll be outnumbered by two to one".

Starbuck says "not much worse than we were at Caprica".

Boomer says "we lost at Caprica".

Based on this one can infer than.....

1) A substantial fleet of colonial warships was present at Caprica during the annhilation of the Colonies.

2) That fleet was protected by around 400 Viper fighters. (the baseships would've had around 900 fighters in total) Presumably land based. I assume Baltars pilot, Proteus (Karibdas) sabotaged the defense systems at Caprica to prevent most of them from launching in time to engage the Cylon forces.

In my outline for a future remake of BG. I had it where the entire fleet of battlestars went to the peace conference as a show of strength..........but the support elements and escorts of the fleet were left at the colonies for rest, refit, and of course protection.

When the baseships attacked the colonies, they overwhelmed the Colonial warships and defenses there because they lacked fighter support. Just as a modern carrier battle group would be completely overwhelmed if their air wing were eliminated.

I also think there were alot more than 5 battlestars at Cimtar. But more on that later.

Incidentally, I would bet that assuming the Battlestars at four squadrons each (similiar to the baseships) that they would number about 35 fighters per squadron, giving a total of 140 Vipers per battlestar. It would have to be at least this number to give credibility to Colonel Tighs statement about the 300 Cylon fighters outnumbering the Galactica squadrons "two to one".
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