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Default YIKES! Vipers Galore! .....

After waking up from a very interesting dream involving suppressed AK47s, tiger-stripes and a RenFaire/paleontological dig(I need to cut down on the "Rainbow Six 3"), I have done a careful count on the Vipers depicted in the link above: there are a total of 112 -- in that one pod!.

That's right: 224 Vipers per Battlestar equals a whopping 5,600 Vipers at Cimtar, according to his count.


Methinks I'm going to leave my counts at 96 Vipers and 14 shuttles per Battlestar at full strength(48/7 per pod).....I think that's an extremely reasonable package for a Battlestar in commission, and still allows room for more surviving Vipers and shuttles per "LL" and the apocryphal evidence of the Foundry Ship's capabilities.....

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