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I usually go in April, but the convention dates may change to June this year. Not sure. The group that hosts it just moved their headquarters to a different part of San Diego so they got a lot of balls in the air right now.

The convention is always at the Grand Hyatt downtown. I usually stay at a hotel on Mission Bay...I do not remember the name of it, but it is less expensive than the Grand Hyatt, but still kinda nice.

The speakers get to go to the house of one of the coordinators who has a really nice dig in LaJolla...great party. He usually gets a local indie artist to do a private concert for us....last year it was Emily Richards.

If I could affod it, I would pay the sunshine tax. I did look into it once. I bought my home in Chicago for 103k in 1997. It currently appraises for took some work, but I found some similair homes in similair neighborhoods near San Diego and they start at 490k

I do okay, but not THAT okay!

BTW, thread is mine for now, Dawg.

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