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Default Re: 17: The Hand Of God

Originally Posted by Andromeda View Post
This has been an interesting read, old thread but i just found it
I know this has been done before on another movie, I had this idea for long
time that the transmission received should've or could've been perhaps Hitler
opening the Olympics. (i think 70's TV mind set prevented that) and maybe
amplified through space via gravitational lensing or accelerated through a
white hole. I think it would've made more sense, I think, to have an older
When the 1936 Olympics were held, TV was very primitive. Low-power transmitters, which were very few and far between, and utilizing a cruder Ampilitude Modulation system that could scarecely have reached low orbit, let alone across the galaxy. There was no TV at the Games, only film cameras.
It has nothing to do with "70s TV mind set", whatever that means. It's simpky a matter of technology.
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