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Heart Sorries

I wanted to say sorry that I haven't been my normal chatty self here, but I have been going through alot lately. Last month I received news from my family back home that one of my aunts is going through cancer treatments and so far is doing good. Over Thanksgiving at my place I got hit with the news that my baby brother is getting married to his girlfriend who has cheated on him twice and people were trying to force me to go to the wedding when it happens till I put my foot down and said I wasn't going because I do not see nothing good coming from their marriage.

Last week my mother in law had back surgery and is doing good. I have only seen her twice since she had it because she lives an hour from me and I do not drive and during the week my hubby and I are quite busy here. I saw her this Saturday and I was not fully prepared for what I saw. It brought back alot of very painful memories from my mother having gone through cancer surgery a few years back and the after effects of it with the pain meds she was on. I cried for quite a while on our way home.

And on top of the normal hustle for the holidays, my hubby and I are knee deep in planning his retirement ceremony and party from the Navy Reserves. So I have a full plate for a while.

Thanks for being so understanding with this gal.

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