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Originally Posted by Atlantia

Thank you for welcoming me to Colonial Fleets, Taranis, BRG, Breea, Gemini and Titon.

If I do think of questions to ask, I'll certainly post them.
This seems like a fab and friendly place.
To answer your questions, Gemini: I was late getting into BSG, but better late than never I guess. I'm 36, so I remember BSG when it was on TV at the time, but for some strange reason, I didn't watch it back then.
As for my other favourite sci fi shows, well I love, Doctor Who, Flash Gordon (Original series with Buster Crabbe), Quantumn Leap and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Flash Gordon . cool I enjoy those myself and have one of the series on DVD .. I remember watching when I was a kid on Sunday mornings the rocket ship circling around that rocky valley
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