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Default Every you need to know to complete missions 6-7

Mission 6
First Time Manning the turret guns.
- At the beginning you can use the turret lasers to get use to how they handle. The raiders that attack won’t damage much of the ship. You can use the Top laser for most of the game (There are 2 top lasers one of them moves and fire much slower (The Plasma Cannon)).
- -When the marauders raiders attack they are easy to target. Use a combo of your lasers and Solonite warheads (Solonite warheads work the same as your missiles, except that you can only fire 1 at time and the longer you hold the buton in the more powerful that are). When the Tankers come flying by use the Solonite Warheads and your plasma cannon to destroy them. The plasma cannon work like the Solonite warheads, the longer you hold in the trigger the more powerful of a shoot you will have.
Destroying the Basestar missles:
- Select the turret closest to the Basestar
- Target the missiles with your Solonite warheads, hold the button for maximum firepower. You will only target one but the blast radius will destroy two or three.
- You will not destroy all the missile but you will stop enough to get off the level.

Mission 7 Flying the Raider
This is the worst level I have played so far. I hated it, you fly around in formation in a cylon raider for over 2 minutes.
Formation Flying Part 1
- First you need to a cylon patrol. Use your target finder to find it. You will see 4 raiders one of them is blue and slightly transparent. This is not a stealth raider. This blue raider is where you should position your fighter, in order maintain formation. In this section you must maintain your position and speed. Once you fly near the station, IPHI will start to talk and this will take us to Part 2.

Formation Flying Part 2
- after the brief animation piece you will start formation flying again. This is the longest and most boring part. During this part, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MAINTAIN YOUR SPEED, the computer will maintain it for you, all you have to do maintain formation.
- This is tough because the other fighters move so precise, but your controls are too jumpy. Just stay around the blue fighter and you should be good.

Destroying the Station
- after flying around for way too long, you’ll do one final pass, and then IPHI will say that she is running the program.
- Once she says “Here we go” stay in formation a few seconds longer, then fly far away form the station, out of the range of the stations guns.
- Then attack and destroy all the fighters, yes there are a finite number.
- Once the fighters are destroyed you can take all the time in the world to destroy the station.
- When attacking the station, destroy the power core to the weapons that are place on top of the station.
- IPHI will then say “GO GO GO!” Then GO up past the top of the station, and then dive down on the top opening of the station and stop (you can come to a complete stop in a raider unlike a viper) right above the opening and then fire missiles and lasers into the core, once that is destroyed fly off to a safe distance. Note: once you here the cylon say “weapons charged and ready,” this means the lasers will start to fire at you again. Therefore you must go back to the center of the station and disable the weapons again.
- This level really really sucks.
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