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Default Re: names in star wars

Originally Posted by skippercollecto View Post
I searched for this message I wrote four years ago because I rewatched Attack of the Clones and noticed a surprising number of "Earthling" character names in the closing credits. So I looked up all the Star Wars movies on the IMDb and this is what I came up with:

Terran names in Star Wars

A New Hope
Ben, Biggs, Luke, Leia, Owen, Willard

The Empire Strikes Back
Janson, Jess

Return of the Jedi
Karie, Max, Watts

The Phantom Menace

Attack of the Clones
Dexter, Hermione, Jocasta, Mari

Revenge of the Sith
Cody, Colton, Kit

The Clone Wars

I noticed that even though these folks are listed with these names in the closing credits, many of them are never actually referred to by their given names in the movies themselves.

I realize that all of these names are of European origin. There may be names of Asian or Native American origin in the films, but I am not familiar enough with their etymologies to recognize all but the obvious ones, such as Nguyen or Chang. I also noticed that although some of these names have alternate spellings, they are still pronounced like we pronounce them.

Which leads to my next question:
Does Earth figure somehow and somewhere in the Star Wars universe? Is this a fan fiction question?
To assimilate terran names is much easier as to create a handful new, never heard before, sounds well but not terran-like names ( by writing a SF-story that is one of the first things you will learn... )

Originally Posted by Taranis View Post
I don't think Earth can or should play apart in the Starwars saga. its in a Galaxy far far away etc .. imo
I agree 100% !!!

Originally Posted by Reaper View Post
I've never wanted a Star Trek - Star Wars crossover. to me, they had too many differences.

For me, it honestly always was Star Wars Battlestar Galactica. That's the crossover that made the most sense.
I think Star Wars should be Star Wars and BSG should be BSG. No need for a crossover IMO.
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