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Originally Posted by jewels
Thanks for remembering me, everyone. you did bettter than my spouse who's got an evening meeting, ughhh. so i'm just hanging with the kids tonight. i'm still walking with crutches so getting the baby into the car is still a problem--thus i'm not just throwing the kids in the minivan and going out without my man. good news is i'm walking with one crutch or a walker some of the time so that's way better than the last 4 months have been. due to soccer practice on wed, we'll be celebrating on thurs. night. yummy italian restaurant. unless it rains or i just flat out go on strike for my b-day dinner. it's been one of those weeks.

P.S. I went and looked at Superman Returns trailer and Sept 17 & Co.'s 14th Colony trailer--I'm feeling much cheerier now. Hadn't had the chance to use the computer with the most updated QT till now. Oh, those will be excellent films, one pro and one act of the love of fans.
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