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Thanks for the welcome everyone.

I'm currently exploring the site and will post as I go along.

As for Ernie90125's remark.....
Originally Posted by ernie90125
Why don't you make a model with the bricks of the Galactica....or a Viper....and post pictures of it here on Fleets ?

I will be interesting to see. I remember I made a model of the Galactica with Tente bricks when I was a kid. I'm sure anything you make will be a lot better..........
It has been done several times. Some are better than others.

I am planning on making a viper (it's one of several projects I have going on in my head), but I don't have a camera at this time.
When I have made it (and I will, just don't hold your breath) and I get pics of it, I will post them on this site.

I'll be seeing you between the stars.
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