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Originally Posted by ernie90125
I must admit that I have never quite understood why more was not made of finding a planet of humans. What about archeology to find out more about the 13th Tribe. A safehaven to conduct repairs and get R&R. Trade and even buy some new ships !!!!!!!!!

If you're walking through a desert and you find a settlement, you don't just keep on walking because a guy from Knightrider (sorry...err...'John') says to.......
Those are all good points and for me get back to the heart of the matter of why the entire Terra Trilogy is the worst storyline of the series. It just goes nowhere, starting out with this grandiose premise and getting bogged down to the point of silliness and then giving us a weak and lame payoff. John's explanation may have been enough for Apollo, but does anyone think there wouldn't have been Council members saying "So what if it isn't Earth?" And wouldn't Adama have been willing to allow people who wanted to voluntarily leave the Fleet to settle there?
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