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Originally Posted by Thomasbombadil
I'm getting a *404* when I try to recall a "planet shield". Do you mean when the Galactica lasered all of the inbound missiles fired by the Eastern Alliance? Or are you referring to something in G80, which I never watched?
I was referring to the way the Galactica was able to destroy all the inbound missiles. It looked like a hemisphere wide shield as opposed to individual lasar shots.

I liked the Terra episodes but don't know if in the big scheme it advanced or detracted from the mythos.

It seemed obvious the Terrans were related to "Earth" in a way the colonials weren't. The fact that Terra means Earth being the obvious example although the Terran speach was pattern after us as opposed to the colonials

I assumed the "Terrans" were elements of the 13th tribe that colonized Terra as opposed to the rest of the tribe that went on to Earth. If "John" didn't say Terra was not Earth I would assume it was.

The Terran episodes however did imply that the Galactica was serving a higher purpose and that maybe what happened with the cylons was all part of God's plan. A rational person would have stopped. Only faith through the angel John gave them any real reason to continue.
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