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Adama stood on the bridge waiting for the damage reports to all finish. He had been told that Apollo, Starbuck and Boomer had landed on one of the new comer's battlestars.

"Incoming message from Captain Apollo," Omega said. Both Adama and Tigh went over to see the screen.

"Apollo," Adama said glad that his son was all right.

"Things are a bit interesting father," Apollo replied. "You won't believe what I've been told."

Adama sat back waiting to hear what his son had to say.

"The commander of the ship is Baltar," Apollo said watching his father's eyes become real concerned. "There's more, Zac is here as well."

"Zac," Adama said still trying to recover from the shock of hearing about Baltar.

"Yes, it seems a bit strange but they are saying that we won Cimtar and beat the Cylons," Apollo said.

"Seems a bit impossible to me," Adama said.

"Maybe not," Boomer's voice said from behind Apollo.

"What do you mean," Apollo asked.

"I did some checking and you know how I think about strange theories and such," Boomer said.

"Yeah, your always talking about some theories about wave lengths and such," Starbuck said. Most of the time it went over his head anyways.

"Well, the reason why they had a problem with the audio communication and the reason why they have a different history is they are from a different dimension," Boomer said.

"Different dimension," Apollo said a bit skeptical.

"No, he just might be on to something Apollo," Adama said thinking about it. He would like to meet this Commander Baltar and see for himself.

"I'll be over shortly," Adama said.

Adama stepped out of the shuttle onto the deck of the Atlantia. It was a ship that he had not been on since the peace conference. He had also seen it destroyed not much longer after he had left it.

"Commander Adama, welcome aboard," Baltar said looking at Adama.

"Baltar," Adama said in a civilized tone remembering what Boomer said.

"It is good to see you," Baltar said. "You are held in high regard back home."

Adama looked around and noticed that many of the crew was looking at him in partly in awe and partly like they had just seen a ghost.

"I take it that Apollo has told you everything," Baltar said.

"Yes, and another one of my men said something as well. That we might be from different dimensions," Adama said.

"That would explain a lot," Baltar said. "My communications expert stated the same thing, perhaps they are correct."

"It would make sense. Where we come from you would be tried for war crimes against humanity," Adama said.

"So I've been told," Baltar said. From what he had been told he came to the conclusion that if he had not gone to Adama then this would be their fate.

"Perhaps we should talk," Adama said. He was not feeling anything of what he normally felt with Baltar. There was something sincere in the way the man was talking to him. They made their way to the commander's office to sit down and talk.

"There is a lot to discuss," Baltar said as the door opened and Apollo, Starbuck and Boomer entered followed by another person. Adama had to blink his eyes as he saw the figure standing there.

"Father," Zac said.

"Zac, I-I can't believe itís you," Adama said looking at his son for the first time since that dreadful day.

"Me neither," Zac said. "But then again in a strange way you're not my father if everything is true," he said trying to figure it all out.

"Doesn't matter if you're from a different dimension or not," Adama finally said. "How is you're mother?"

"Fine, misses you," Zac said not saying how heartbroken she was at losing her husband, a son, and a daughter.

"She always was the stronger one," Adama said then turned to Baltar. "We still have a lot to discuss."

"Yes, I've heard you're story," Baltar said. "It seems that I betray the fleet which is destroyed by the Cylons along with the Colonies."

"And in you're story you come to me and we defeat the Cylons," Adama said.

"Just about covers it," Baltar said.

"So whose dimension are we in," Starbuck said. "Are we in yours or are you in ours?"

"Good question," Adama said. "Perhaps one we should find out."

"I'd suggest sending a signal then to fleet headquarters," Baltar said.

"No, we can't risk it. If we're in our dimension then they Cylons can pick up the signal and find out where we are," Adama said. "Its a risk we cannot take."

"I see, then we contact Earth," Baltar said.

"Earth," everyone from the Galactica exclaimed.

"You haven't contacted Earth yet," Baltar said.

"No," Adama said.

"I see," Baltar said. He then informed the bridge to send a signal to Earth to see if there was a response. It should not take that long.

"Commander, no response from Earth command," the bridge said.

"Then I guess that settles that question," Baltar said.

"I guess so," Adama said. "Now what?"

"If the colonies are gone then there is only one thing to do," Baltar said looking at Adama. "We go with you to Earth."

"We will welcome it," Adama said.

"Commander," a voice broke though.

"Yes," Baltar said.

"We're picking up the mysterious energy readings again," the bridge officer said.

"Energy readings," Apollo said.

"Just before we made contact with you we encountered a mysterious energy reading. It's probably what caused this in the first place," Baltar said.

"We should probably get back to the Galactica then," Apollo said. "We would not want to be on board if anything happens."

"Probably a good idea," Adama said. "Head on to you're vipers then."

"Commander, I can send over some replacement vipers if you want and supplies," Baltar said.

"If you can," Adama said.

Baltar radioed the bridge quickly listing off what he wanted done and how. In a few minutes the crews of the fleet were rushing around shuttling supplies back and forth with a speed that they normally did not do.

"Commander, a word in private if I might," Baltar said.

"All right," Adama said sitting down again.

"I never got to say this, but you were right," Baltar said. "I never fully understood until just now how right you were."

"I was," Adama said not sure that he really understood what Baltar was saying.

"I've lived the life of a hero ever since Cimtar, but you were the real hero. I was still torn with the Cylons right until the battle really began. You told me that the Cylons would not keep their word and I had a doubt until just now. Now I know that I made the right decision," Baltar said.

"I wish that it had for my people as well," Adama said.

"We'll see," Baltar said as he got up along with Adama. "Here," Baltar said placing something in Adama's hands.

"What's this," Adama asked.

"Earth, and what you'll find. Be careful they don't remember Kobal. We fought them for almost a half yehren," Baltar said.

"We will," Adama said.

Tigh watched as the mass of shuttles ran from the ships of the mysterious fleet to the ships of their fleet. Already there was new stores of food, supplies, ammo, and replacement fighters. Parts to repair the scanners for the Galactica were brought over along with supplies to help keep several of the other ships flying. Adama had come back a bit more somber than he had gone over. The mysterious energy readings were still there and they were wondering what was going to happen.

"How are the supply transfers coming," Adama asked.

"It just finished a few microns ago. The last of their shuttles are heading back to their ships," Tigh said.

They were about to say more when the readings from the energy cloud intensified. Suddenly lightning lashed out as Adama yelled for the crew to race for impact. They waited but nothing happened.

"Report," Adama asked.

"Everything seems to be just fine, but Atlantia's fleet is gone," Rigel said.

"They've returned to where they came from I guess," Adama said.

"I guess so commander, what's that," he said spotting something that Adama was fiddling with in his hands.

"Earth," Adama said. "And some info for once we get there."

The End
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