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Default Re: Do you think a refund is due... waddya thinkl?

Originally Posted by Thunderstruck View Post
Thank you to everyone....

So, I feel justified.

I tried to deal with them, and they refused. For I can almost also, prove,
that I had a clean machine to begin with.

Am seriously thinking of filing a small claim... prolly won 't..

Most Certainly will not take it back, Brian, inmho was honest,
Took it in bout 6 months ago, thinking it was infected, and he scanned it, checked it, found nothing wrong cept a BIOS setting correction.


Well, will be on the look out for a new place...

Thanks all.


Tech posed that how do I know it was not a virus .... And I posed to him, Do you have documentation of your scan and Virus removal?

that got him ... he was no..........

He probably flipped burgers before that gig.

I'd warn your friends about them. (In what part of Ohio did this happen? I have cousins who live outside Cleveland.)
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