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Default Re: Saga of a Fugitive Fleet - 4 Audio Dramas - OUT NOW!

They're very well-done and as I've said before, even with the limitations they have (can't mention the characters by name etc.) it nonetheless is truly hearing the original cast play these roles again after so many years and letting us in part experience what we'd hoped to have seen happen 25 years ago when more of the people were alive and could have participated in something. I know in my case, what this drama has done has help remove the bitterness I felt for so many years regarding the Moore series. That's not to say I feel any differently about the Moore series as an end product, but the fact that I'm finally getting a chance to experience something with the original cast in something more than just a short trailer and which also if you listen carefully gives "confirmation" to my favorite post-HOG vision regarding the future of certain characters, is a LOT more than I could have hoped to experience at this stage.

Thank you again for making this possible. I look forward to finding some time when work settles down to go through a second listening of this.
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