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Default What was the best Battlestar Galactica comic book story?

Lets see...

There's been several comic companies over the years that have produced Galactica based comic stories in the funny pages on and off for years ranging from Marvel Comics, Maximum Press and Realm Press!

And pretty soon we'll be on to the brand new Dynamic Press Battlestar Galactica comics. Wonder what awaits us eh?

To all the fans out there thats read most of them or every single one? Which ones did you feel were the best stories told so far!

Which Galactica stories from each publisher was the best far as the expanded universe of comic books and your own personal opinion goes! Which ones were the worse told stories?

1. Marvel comic stories told after issue 5 (Lost Planet Of The Gods part 2) to issue 23.

See; for further details on the individual Marvel comic books and the rest of the Galactica comics for further background information.

2) Maximum Press' War of Eden #1-4 (collected in trade paperback format)
The Enemy Within #1-3, Starbuck #1-3, Apollo’s Journey 1-3, Journey’s End #1-4

And their Asylum comics featuring Battlestar Galactica. Baptism of Fire Parts 1 to 3, Athena’s Quest Parts 1 to 3, The Rebirth of Cy, Part 1 (unfinished?) and First Date.

3) Relam Press comics; Season 2 The Law of Volahd, Prison of Souls.
Battlestar Galactica Season 3 stories; Search For Sanctuary, No Place Like Home, Hades Hath No Fury, Fire in the Sky.

Their spin off second comic book. Galactica: The New Millennium featuring;
Fear of Flying, Favorite Son, Tales of the Pegasus: Daddy’s Girl.

And stand alones like Eve of Destruction, 1999 Tourbook, Dark Genesis, Centurion Prime and The Gallery Special.

Care to share your thoughts on this topic?

Here's mine

KJ's 5 favorite Galactica stories.

1) War of Eden from Maximum Press 1st BG comic 4 part mini series. Everything a fan could what and more! Mythlogy, action adventure, new characters introduced and heavy revealations made etc. Even when Galactica finds Earth the battle is far from over? Classic story!

2) Berserker. Issue #16 of Marvel's comic series. Captain Apollo battle's an advance Cylon Mark 3" Imperator hell bent on killing him.

3) The Rebirth of Cy. Unfinished but well told short story featuring a Cylon gaining a kinda 'soul' after an ion storm strikes a Cylon Raider. And now questions his role as a Cylon Centurion. He meets LT Starbuck who was captured by the Cylons during the battle!

4) Enemy Within. Aries a lone person found on an ancient Kobollian derlict ship is revived by the colonials of the fleet. He quickly develops a relationship with Colonel Athena of the Galactica and "bests" Starbuck in a game of triad, he soon becomes liked and respected but who is he really and where is he from?

5) Eve Of Destruction Prelude. Parts 1 and 2! A little backstory and
anthology tale more or less put together for Galactica's mythology to expand upon!


P.S. If anyone wants to discuss their favorite Berkerly and Hatch novels and debate which original story was great or is looking to purchase the hard to find books. Here i thought coming across this link today online might help out all you fellow fans out there, so i'm sharing it with you!

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