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larocque6689 December 22nd, 2003 06:00 PM

Colonial One's pilot is a Cylon spy
I'm going to throw this one out to you. Feel free to dispute my reasoning. I only caught on to it a bit late in presentation, but if you noticed the same things you might agree agree.

We know that Aaron Doral is a Cylon spy. Through deductive reasoning, Baltar exposed him and the Colonials left him stranded on Ragnar. Aaron was on the Galactica two weeks before the attack and installed the mysterious Cylon device on the bridge.

When someone is a bad agent, you look at who they associate with and you judge their actions and behavior and see if a pattern fits. I think I found a pattern.

Doral picked a fight with Roslin. As senior government minister, she took charge on the future Colonial One. Doral had a problem with this, and came up with another candidate: the pilot of the ship. He then told Lee upon arrival that the pilot should be in charge.

When the Cylons dipped out of hyperspace for a quick sweep - there were two people who cautioned Roslin to wait and move survivors from sublight ships to light speed ships. The first was Doral. The second was the flight captain.

Later - just before they jumped to light speed, the captain was about to inform those left behind that Colonial One was heading to Ragnar. Lee stopped him, because of legitimate fears that the Cylons could capture and take humans prisoner and extract that information from the ragtag survivors among the sublight ships.

This may answer another mystery. On the planet below, before Baltar is going to meet his mistress (his "contact at the defence ministry") Nubmer Six faces the camera and says "about time you arrived" to an unknown person, probably a Cylon agent.

Since Boomer is (most probably) a "sleeper agent" and Doral is on the Galactica, that suggests another candidate. I would suggest as one possibility the filght captain.

I'm not sure this is in the script and I didn't read it religiously. But based on my viewing, I think a case can be made that the flight captain is a Cylon agent. And therefore, in a prospective series, there is at least one active agent (other than Boomer) among the survivors.

callsignfalcon December 26th, 2003 02:45 PM

Interesting Reasoning... I personally thought it was the tall guy, Roslins aid, due to his briefcase and several things he said to roslin one similiar too: "After all your only human"


Antelope December 27th, 2003 11:35 AM

Good logical deduction
I like your thought process. This is why I read this site. You have a lot of good points.

I also think the unseen person Six met in Caprica City will turn out to be an unknown Cylon agent on the Galactica. However from the camara angle of that scene I think the cylon Six met was small in stature. I speculate it was Boxey. I think Boomer is not a sleeper at all. Her mission that day was to pick up Boxey at a minimum. Six knew Boomer would be coming so either out of love or evil she ensured Baltar was at the pick up site also. I think that Boomer and Boxey are now a cylon team.

I wonder however if Six is still on the cylon team or not. She was able to get Baltar to put Doral off the Galactica but she never admitted to Baltar that she knew he was a cylon. She had the device removed but we don't know what the device did. For all we know the removal may start a homing beacon or wake up cylon sleepers. Her role via Baltar should be interesting assuming we get a series. At this point everything she says is suspect as are her motives.

I thought Roslin may be a cylon but as I read your and other threads I now think she probably is not. You're right, any movements to harm the people during her scenes have always been initiated by others. If anything she is probably the person most responsible for saving humanity at this point.

baafan December 27th, 2003 08:48 PM

larocque said"

...Doral picked a fight with Roslin. As senior government minister, she took charge on the future Colonial One. Doral had a problem with this, and came up with another candidate: the pilot of the ship. He then told Lee upon arrival that the pilot should be in charge...
Hmm... Some interesting points. However, I thought that when Lee showed up, Doral was suggesting that Lee himself take command. But you may be right. I"ll have to go back sometime and re-review those scenes.

As for the flight captain being a Cylon, if he was a really good Cylon, he should have been willing to sacrifice himself and gone ahead and broadcast the co-ordinates. I mean, if this is a chance to get the last remnants of humanity, that should have been info worth "dying" for. So... :)

One thing I'm not sure about is how did the Cylons find the fleet at Ragnar anyways?

Also, antelope makes some good points about Six helping Baltar find the Cylon device on the bridge. Why would she do that? I don't think it's a homing beacon. If it was, then the Cylons would already know where the fleet is. As it is, both Six and the Boomer Cylon at the end said that they would eventually find the humans. Which suggests that they don't know exactly where they are at "present." So, I think there must be another reason/purpose for that device.


callsignfalcon December 28th, 2003 02:36 PM

perhaps to activate the hidden cylon agents?

Antelope December 29th, 2003 11:36 AM

Cylons at Ragnar
If I remember correctly, after Adama took over control of the fleet he issued an order to the fleet to meet at Ragnar in order to start a counter-offensive. I assume the cylons intercepted the message either electronically or through an agent on board a then surviving colonial fleet ship. Only after the FTL jump to Ragnar did Adama know the Galactica was the sole surviving Battlestar. I don't think Adama truly believed how dire the situation was until then.

My question is how did the lone cylon end up inside the station before the Galactica got there? Why did the cylons not destroy the station in advance? You would think the lone cylon there if he had any initiative would have done his best to destroy it prior to the arrival of the colonial fleet. Maybe the cylons planned to use the station for themselves and never expected the colonials to ever make it there. The lone cylon at Ragnar doesn't make sense to me. Where was his ship? Was his illness for real? Thus far I find him second only to the red spine of Six as the most confusing aspect of the mini. If anyone has any ideas on the cylon at Ragnar let us know.

Spike The Cylon January 4th, 2004 07:52 PM

I was thinking that maybe the person Six met on Caprica was another Boomer model. As for Boxey being a Cylon, I don't think so, he's seen with his mother (Serina) for a second on screen. At least I think she's susposed to be Serina.

callsignfalcon January 24th, 2004 12:04 PM

that was his aunt i believe

somefrigginguy January 25th, 2004 10:23 PM

Okay, I'm new here, but I can't help but be drawn into series speculation.

First, I thought about Boxey, too, but, if you pay careful attention to the first few shots of part one (assuming it plays out as the script states. I didn't notice when I watched and my VCR crapped out on me.)you should find that the Colonial officer at Armistice Station has a picture of his wife and Boxey.

If you want my theories as to who may be cylons, I'll give you one out of a form of logic and one because it would come so far out of left field that it would make sense (though thinking about it now, I can probably provide logic about it, too.)

1. Baltar. I don't think the images of #6 are the result of a chip in his head. I find it more likely that he is a cylon sleeper agent who thinks he's human. That is, perhaps, why #6 is so fascinated by him. It would also explain how he picked the right person as a cylon, even though he admittedly had no way to actually detect them.

2. The president. Yes, it seems like a stretch, and it would come totally out of left field, but...Think about this: She has cancer, or maybe it's some kind of flaw in her cylon body. She tries to gather as many refugees together as possible, which is noble, but she gathers them all in open space. There is no cover, no protection and no fighters. Logically, she would have tracked to the Galactica and then gone looking for the refugees to bring them somewhere protected. Perhaps she was trying to gather them all together to make them easy targets. Even when she found out that the Galactica had survived, she tried to get them to come to her. Finally, the conversation she has at the end about earth: it seemed to me that she was trying to validate the cylon belief that there were no humans outside the 12 colonies.

Granted, this is all wild speculation, but it's fun for me anyway.

Antelope January 26th, 2004 01:29 PM

Roslin/Boxey/Baltar Speculation
I don't think Baltar is a cylon but my guess is as good as anyone elses. I question whether he went mad because of what he did or if he does have a "chip" in his head. I would say he had gone mad but madness wouldn't identify the cylon (6 picked the man with his help) but more importantly he had no reason to think anything about the device in the CIC (although I believe he did see such a device in 6's bag). I would like to see him travel down the path of madness not implant. His situation would make him the perfect delusional paranoid with a possible split personality.

Boxey's father being at the Space Station and his strange reaction to the 6 model to me only adds to the thought that she was a familar person to him he found in an impossible setting. If Boxey's Dad had a social or other relationship with a 6 model who knows what that means to Boxey. When Boxey was at the Caprica site with Boomer I don't know if there was any evidence he was taken there by his Mom. If Boxey was a cylon and planned on meeting Boomer who knows how he manipulated the situation. If the cylon plan is to find Earth and Galactica was intended to escape maybe they needed a human-cylon with the potential to last at least 2 to 3 generations on board as a spy. Also it is doubtful anyone would suspect a kid. Boomer mentions she was an orphan. I wonder if we will hear at some point that Boxey was adopted originally.

My earlier speculation on Roslin's ship being in a basestar was wrong once I relooked the mini. Her scenes outside of an audience of cancer would be unneeded if she was a cylon. Although she did herd the refugees she could have ordered them not to FTL jump if her goal was to kill them. I thought her finally questions of Adama on the issue of Earth a bit odd but no more odd than a new President might be if the CIA just told him that aliens really do exist. I don't put her being a cylon out of the realm of possibility but I think the chances are pretty slim.

I don't think Boomer is a sleeper either. I would love to see a Tyrol/Boomer/Callie love triangle in a series with Callie discovering Boomer is an evil cylon. The cat fight between the two would be good for ratings especially if Tyrol ended up between them with weapon drawn needing to pick between the two to save the Galactica from some immediate danger.

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