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BST May 5th, 2004 06:57 PM

Future's Past by The 14th Colony
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We have a new story for your reading pleasure. Enclosed in also an introduction by the author, our very own, "The 14th Colony" :


Originally Posted by The 14th Colony

"A decade ago I had concieved of an idea for a Battlestar novel, one of many ideas I thought up and jotted down in outline form for later use. It was long before I knew anything about Richard Hatch's revival attempts and before Sci-Fi did what they did with the remake. The ideas came at a time when I didn't know how many fans there were keeping the love for BSG as I had, and I had hoped that my novel would be the means to relight the BSG fires to bring about a revival movie or TV show.

What I did when forming the plotline to the story was create what it was I had always wanted to see happen in the BSG universe, one of the things, anyway. I wrote out a series of rough concepts and deeper, detailed ideas and kept them in rough form for later working on, hoping someday to get the novel completed and published. Then a few years ago I put more thought into the idea behind the novel, only to later find out that a revival was already in progress (though it turned into the remake instead). So I came to realize that perhaps my hope of getting the book published were slim to none. And apparently only Richard Hatch has the rights to publish BSG novels at the current time, so my hopes are even dimmer.

Last year, at Stray Viper's urging, I went back to my old notes and rough outlines of my BSG novel to write out a clearer summary of the book itself to give him an idea of what the direction of the story would be. I sent him a 23 page summary outline of my novel to give me feedback on, and he reported that he enjoyed it very much and thought it had good potential. My point is, for a long while I have played with the idea of posting my summary on this board for other serious BSG fans to read and give me feedback on, though it is still rough and summarized."

However, it is developed as a summary draft and is complete as far as the start and outcome of the story, although some characters and concepts are mentioned without being fully fleshed out, such as Athena who doesn't have a scene in this draft, and Boomer who doesn't really have listed dialogue. All of that would be developed in a later draft, if I ever do take it that far. If you do post it in the Library, I would request that you include the above intro so that people will know that it is unfinished and by no means meeting my standards of a publish-ready story.

BST August 15th, 2004 07:45 PM


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