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Dawg August 3rd, 2004 10:59 AM

So true, so true - but it isn't just the guys into Sci-Fi who feel that way.......

Oh - guess what.

:music: Dawg's got the thread. Dawg's got the thread. :music:

;) :laugh:

I am

Archangel August 3rd, 2004 11:02 AM


Originally Posted by Rowan
I would gather that men who are into Science Fiction must, most women in these shows are always dressed in skin tight clothes and or leather so I thought a little of both for good measure ...give the guys something to have a little fun with ;) :D

A little eye-candy never hurts ;)

Oh, and the thread is mine. Sorry, Dawg :D

Rowan August 3rd, 2004 11:19 AM

Well I do like to make the guys happy, especially if they appreciate it ;) :D

Dawg long time no see on this thread!

Thanks for the thread gentlemen!:D ;)

shiningstar August 3rd, 2004 11:24 AM

:devil:~~~the thread~~~:devil:

Archangel August 3rd, 2004 11:28 AM

The thread IS miiiiiiiiinnnnnne!


shiningstar August 3rd, 2004 11:30 AM


Originally Posted by Archangel
The thread IS miiiiiiiiinnnnnne!


It .............was

:devil:~~~the thread~~~:devil:

Archangel August 3rd, 2004 11:40 AM


shiningstar August 3rd, 2004 11:45 AM

:D Keep the ~~~~ Gotta go :D

bsg1fan1975 August 3rd, 2004 11:53 AM

awwwwwww don't leave yet I just got here.

kitty August 3rd, 2004 12:20 PM

Kitty pops in again for a quick hold of the thread!

holodoc2000 August 3rd, 2004 01:21 PM

tee hee! :D I'm snatching thread now. :D

:muffit: :muffit: :muffit:

Rowan August 3rd, 2004 02:41 PM ZOOOOOM! thanks for the thread!;) :D

holodoc2000 August 3rd, 2004 02:43 PM

tee hee! :D I'm snatching thread again. :D

julix August 3rd, 2004 04:04 PM

Thanks Holodoc......... :D

braxiss August 3rd, 2004 04:45 PM

look what i gots

Rowan August 3rd, 2004 04:46 PM

I'm looking but I don't see anything!

braxiss August 3rd, 2004 04:47 PM

look over here then


julix August 3rd, 2004 04:58 PM

Why thank you Braxsis! :D

braxiss August 3rd, 2004 04:59 PM

your welcome

but if your looking for the thread it's over here


julix August 3rd, 2004 05:00 PM

I am thanks again................... :duck:

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