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bsg1fan1975 April 12th, 2004 12:36 PM

the trip stunk but the weekend was okay because I was with family.

kitty April 12th, 2004 01:39 PM

Hello, Kitty is back for the thread. I hope that those that have been away had a nice time.

Rowan April 12th, 2004 01:46 PM

Helloooooo a quick pop over during a break to steal the thread and leave a fake:D ;)


kitty April 12th, 2004 01:57 PM

Kitty fell for the fake~~~~~~~~
But then it frayed. :cry:

Muffit April 12th, 2004 02:56 PM

Ah, just had Wendy's -- haven't had it in ever so long! Have to travel hours away just for a Spicy Chicken sandwich and a Frosty. We have /3/ McDonalds, all within a mile of each other, and /no/ Wendy's. Go figure.

Oh, and I've got the thread...

kitty April 12th, 2004 02:59 PM

How is your ankle today Muffit?

Kitty quickly sneaks the thread! :)

Muffit April 12th, 2004 03:23 PM

Thanks for asking Sorrell! Seems to be doing better. The swelling has gone down except for on the top and side (but at least my toes aren't swollen anymore). Sometimes I can get around without the crutches, which is good cuz under my arms is beginning to hurt. Actually got some sleep last night cuz my whole lower leg went numb.

Am gonna ride it out for a week and see what happens, to try and avoid a doctor bill.

kitty April 12th, 2004 03:38 PM

I am so glad of our National health service, even if at times it seems a joke.
To have to worry about doctors bills is just awful.
Don't over do it on your ankle and make it worse, Muffit.

Kitty has the thread! :)

amberstar April 12th, 2004 04:02 PM

My Turn!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~ :D

Muffit April 12th, 2004 04:13 PM


Originally Posted by sorrell
I am so glad of our National health service, even if at times it seems a joke.
To have to worry about doctors bills is just awful.
Don't over do it on your ankle and make it worse, Muffit.

Kitty has the thread! :)

Our doctor bills are higher than our mortgage :(. We hope someday they will offer a national service here. It is so weird that we are so ahead of the times in other stuff, yet in something so basic and critical we are in the stone age.

They charged me over $2000 for a thirty minute visit, in which I waited in a room for someone to tend to me for about 20 of those minutes, then had a nurse hook me up to the heart thingy for about 2 minutes. About 30 secs before I was released, the doctor actually came in and asked me a couple questions, basically just reaffirming my suspicions.

Since I went twice for the same thing you can double that. The insurance took 2 months to answer, then said 75% of the bill was an overcharge so they would not cover it. Add to that my $250 per person deductible, and only about a 50% payment of whatever was left, and the insurance ended up paying about $200 of the (approx) $3700 total. The ins. refuses to pay for the doctor's portion ($1000 for 1 minute is a pretty good salary!), cuz the hospital doctors are from a different division of the same company and not covered(!)

And we /have/ insurance! Life is so strange... :wtf:

thomas7g April 12th, 2004 04:21 PM

Damn... Sue them!

I don't know what you are going through but I remember my appendicitis had 99% of the costs paid for the insurance, but they got me the same way and only paid half.

I think we should be able to deduct our over deductibles out of the insurance agents own pocket!


Muffit April 12th, 2004 04:48 PM

Hi Thomas! My last insurance was Blue Cross, and they were GREAT!. In fact, it was the only insurance I ever had that was any good at all. They answered (and paid) claims in less than 2 weeks, paid 90% in most cases, and even then, when the doctor/hospital overcharged, they notified THEM not us that the overcharge would be eliminated.

Unfortunately, to continue that coverage on my own would cost $600 a month, so we had to get a different place. The worst part, my spouse had to take a $2/hour cut in pay to get this cruddy insurance, plus we pay $180 a month on top of that. All so we can hear "it's not covered" months and months after our creditors have sent us gobs of nasty letters.

I know they say Life isn't fair, but why does it have to be so good at it? :D

thomas7g April 12th, 2004 05:05 PM

Awwwww..... HUGS! I really know THAT feeling!

if its any comfort. All the trials haven't tarnished your character. You are still the beating heart of this place! And well... DANG IT. If the president don't take care of this mess, We're going to have to hire someone smart to take over!


Dang it. I'm a republican and he STILL pisses me off! LOL

thomas7g April 12th, 2004 05:06 PM

Oh and lest we forget...


Rowan April 12th, 2004 05:17 PM

Are you sure about that Thomas....;) :D

thomas7g April 12th, 2004 05:55 PM

welll it was...OH WAIT! What have we here?!?!?!

Rowan April 12th, 2004 06:08 PM

Certainly not the thread Thomas because I have that!!!;) :D

shiningstar April 12th, 2004 07:04 PM


Originally Posted by Rowan
Certainly not the thread Thomas because I have that!!!;) :D

Mozaltov on being on just under 500 posts away from your 3rd base star :thumbsup:

and THANKs for ~~~the thread~~~ :D

shiningstar April 12th, 2004 07:06 PM


Originally Posted by thomas7g
welll it was...OH WAIT! What have we here?!?!?!

Here we have a young man just 30 posts away from his 3rd basestar ;)

shiningstar April 12th, 2004 07:13 PM

Soooooooooo where did everyone GO?

~~~the thread~~~

Doesn't anyone want to play :halo:

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