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jewels February 12th, 2011 08:55 PM

Movie recommendation: Temple Grandin
If you get to see it, Temple Grandin with Claire Daines and Julia Ormand is a fantastic movie. It's a true story about a gal who overcame her autism to become a world renowned animal behaviorist and college professor.

If you know someone with a kid on the autism spectrum: it's a must see (though I'd keep it to parents only or parents and teens). The story, the acting, the use of visuals to explain Temple's thoughts are all great.

The director did a fantastic job trying to show events from the perspective of the extremely visual thinking but socially awkward Temple's perspective. The ingenuity and determination that Temple's mother and aunt showed in finding coping mechanisms for Temple and explaining social norms to her and their mantra, "different doesn't mean less" are truly inspiring. Temple is an innovator and a problem solver and they give her the confidence to solve problems in her own way. There is also a dynamite science teacher who was instrumental in Temple's high school years and as a mentor in college.

It's a really cool story. So encouraging for any parent who's kid struggles socially. (I won't tell you why, but the ending is REALLY cool.


BST February 13th, 2011 11:22 AM

Re: Movie recommendation: Temple Grandin
I'll check for it. Comcast was showing it quite a bit this winter but, I didn't watch it. I was always in the mood to watch something else at the time.

A buddy of mine and his wife had 2 sons -- both have autism. The older, not quite as 'severe' as the younger but, it's apparent.

Both are great kids, though. :)

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